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in executing demanding erection and maintenance works

EN ISO 9001:2015                                                   EN ISO 45001:2018                                                EN ISO 14001:2015


Specialists in erection and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical equipment

Power plants erection works mechanical equipment


The core of our business activity is the
medium and large-scale erection, repair and maintenance projects in power generation plants and lignite mines. Turbine installation, air filters assembly and erection, heavy duty pumps installation, pipe lines prefabrication and welding, boilers erection, monitoring systems and on-line analyzers, air and gas ducts prefabrication and erection, main condensers, conveyors and silos, big and small tanks, metal structurres and supports, electrical wiring and connections etc. Moreover, we are experienced in  environmental upgrade projects such as water treatment solutions, hazardous material management, anti-air pollution ESP filters, desulphurization systems (WFGD) etc.
Integrated personnel supply services Welders, fitters, opperators etc.


S.BI.E. meets the needs of organizations and contractors in qualified staff. We offer reliable feedback on the quality and diligence of the supplied personnel. Highly regarded personnel is individually selected for our clients. We have the knowledge and experience to cover a wide range of technical personnel in electromechanical projects, such as welders, fitters, operators, foremen, worksite managers etc.  We offer you an integrated solution, providing essential support services for you and your employees. Our in depth understanding of the labor market and the special requirements of construction industry, secures recruiting of high quality, highly qualified specialist staff to make your
project a success.
One-stop Engineering Procurement & Construction Services

EPC Solutions

S.BI.E. aims to assist you and provide advising on small - medium scale EPC projects and applications, including services and products that help customers and small communities manage and reduce their electricity consumption or help them generate their own power or cogeneration of heat and power (CHP), promoting also green modern solutions. We offer also comprehensive and integraded solutions for remote operation and monitoring of facilities and critical systems. For that purpose S.BI.E., along with its valuable network of professionals and reputable and pionneer manufacturers, is able to provide individuals with engineering and design solutions as well as procurement and construction services for small and medium size projects.